A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"A Game of Morals and Guilt!"


You work for a modeling company called R/HUSH and you work with the amazing photographer named Hisao Yori . You've been working with him for 3 years and you had fell in love with him ever since the moment you guys have met. He was so sweet to you and such a free spirit. One day, you muddled up the courage to confess your love to him on a date! The date happens and the night is over, you confess and he confessed that he had loved you too! Your heart pitter patters all the way and you're the most happy you've ever been! You are now dating the amazing photographer but he wants to tell you a secret. Later on, he shows you his secret photograph collection. To the basement was a horrific discovery! He murders women and makes terrifying art using every single part of the body!  What do you do? Do you run for the hills? Do you call the police? It's a game about morals and guilt! Choose wisely!!

**This game's content includes**

- Heavy Gore

More Routes are planned for TBA.
Director/ScriptWriter: ragyuoP
Programmer: Mako
Character Artist: muffcakezzz
Background Artist: clso.nd
CG Artist: newmoonSHIRA
Live2D Artist: PychoDev
Concept Art: muffcakezzz
Character Concept: ragyuoP
Music: Mako , ragyuoP
Sounds: zapsplat.com
GUI: ebihime, Mako, ragyuoP
Clair de lune by Debussy Remixed by ragyuoP
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Authorizakiko paradox
GenreVisual Novel
TagsGore, Psychological Horror, Romance


Hedonistic-3.0-pc.zip 98 MB
Hedonistic-3.0-mac.zip 82 MB

Install instructions

Windows : Zip the file using Winrar or 7zip. Enjoy!

Mac: Unzip and enjoy!

Development log


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This was certainly an interesting experience. I also did like the small detail that happens when you don't help the mother find the child but also I wonder if any of the choices we made prior to meeting with Hisao have any weight to the story since it seems like nothing really changes, but I did note that there were only 2 endings. Looking forward to what gets added!

well, that was interesting. i got the only 2 endings I'm aware of- the bad ending and the one where you watch the process.

how to get another ending ?? i always get the bad ending ?? is that it??

More endings will be added on a later date! ^-^

The Windows .zip also contains a Linux executable. Sometimes I got glitched images for 1 frame after transitions, but the game seems to work fine. I did 1 playthrough so far.