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This game has content that's not for the easily disturbed and deals with triggering topics, 18+

This was made for NaNoRenO 2022 Jam.


you are a fragment in the universe, and with the help of a mysterious girl, you have to find your way out of the void.     


Short Story (3000 words)



Director/Story /Programmer One- RAGyuo
Lead Artist - Pali
Programmer Two - Nekulian
Music -  SpiralFlip, Enzo_Music

Known bugs:

- Skipping too fast breaks the game. Graphics will be broken if it happens.

- CGs unlock screen does not work. Only music unlock works.


- Fixed Gore Filter

- Removed Voice Setting

This game is not for the light hearted and the squemish. Viewers discretion advised.
!Please read the description for more information!

CONTENT WARNING (Spoilers) - Heavy Gore CG - Suicide - Drugs
izanami paradox
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorizakiko paradox
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Gore, Psychological Horror, Short, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes


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unFRAGMENT-3.0-pc.zip 141 MB

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I will share my experience and my interpretation of the vn here, I hope that this helps you improve!



  1. Five stars for the beautiful visuals, music, the extra effort to create animations, and the whole UI made from scratch, everything is so pretty!. Just a small opportunity for improvement: In the choice menu, the font is way to bold, is hard to read.

  2. Writing: Sorry, but there are a lot of spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes, everywhere. Please remember to do some proof-reading, I’m sure someone would love to beta-tests your works too.


Almost nothing to interpret, this vn goes straight to the point and in the harsh kind of way, but it has to be this way, because people needs to understand something…

Something very simple…

don’t kill yourself.

Thank you so much for your review! I hope you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for sending this game to Mayshing for me to try. It was an amazing experience. Short, sweet and memorable. I STILL think about it long after I finished. Great work, keep it up.

I enjoyed this soooo much ^^

It's just the type of game I really love. Creepy, enigmatic and just long enough to get me invested but not too long to scare me from downloading this since it doesn't have a browser version. 

It's really impressive what you made with so little assets! And in such a short time too! The game is very polished and has a really professional vibe.

When I played this I thought that you must like games like Danganronpa but also cute games like Touhou. It felt like a combination of the both which created a very interesting mixture. The character design was top notch!

And yeah, the CG at the end really got me.

It might not have known the protagonist for long but it still made me feel so invested. Really well written.

I played this game for NaNoRenO but because I now have an account I can finally comment on this xD, This game needs more attention!

Thank you so much for the comment! It really means a lot when we get comments! I hope you stay tuned to our upcoming games and give it a share on social media!

Great little VN! The music is beautiful and I think the narrative really succeeds in striking the tone it's going for.

Thank you so much!! It means a lot when we get comments like these! I hope you look forward to our future games!